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Nova Scorpii 2015 = PNV J17032620-3504140

Discovered by: Tadashi Kojima, Gunma-ken, Japan
Discovery magnitude: unfiltered DSLR magnitude 8.1, using a 150-mm f/2.8 lens and digital camera
Discovery date: 2015 February 11.837 UT
Coordinates: RA: 17 03 26.18 , Decl: -35 04 17.6
Spectra: Echelle spectra by Frederick Walter (Stony Brook University) taken on 2015 February 13.40 and reported in Astronomer's Telegram #7060 indicate the presence of strong H-alpha with FWHM of 2000 km/s, along with several other emission features.  See ATel #7060 for details.  
Observing recommendations: Observations of all types (visual, CCD, DSLR, spectroscopy) are strongly encouraged in following the evolution of this nova.
Charts: Charts for Nova Sco 2015 may be created using the AAVSO Variable Star Plotter (VSP) at: http://www.aavso.org/vsp . Figure below.

Observations reported to the AAVSO as of 2015 Feb 17.8:
2015 Feb 12.31389, vis=9.5, A. Amorim (AAX, Brazil)
12.32500, vis=9.2, L. Camargo da Silva (CLUB, Brazil)
12.40264, V=9.328, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
12.40277, V=9.383, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
12.67917, TG=9.4, R. Kaufman (KBJ, Australia)
13.40877, V=9.380, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
13.40891, V=9.489, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
13.40921, B=10.365, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
13.40944, B=10.427, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
13.46250, vis=9.5, L. Shotter (SLH, United States)
13.66875, vis=9.8, C. Wyatt (WCG, Australia)
13.71065, V=9.498, R. Weir (WRCA, United States)
13.72648, V=9.517, R. Weir (WRCA, United States)
14.40923, V=9.667, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
14.40936, V=9.651, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
14.40966, B=10.576, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
14.40989, B=10.557, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
14.82917, vis=10.2, A. Pearce (PEX, Australia)
15.40943, V=9.729, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
15.40957, V=9.753, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
15.40987, B=10.797, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
15.41010, B=10.796, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
15.71086, V=9.95, P. Starr (SPET, Australia; 10 observations)
15.72121, B=10.8075, P. Starr (SPET, Australia)
15.72241, R=9.0199, P. Starr (SPET, Australia)
15.72368, I=8.2942, P. Starr (SPET, Australia)
16.30833, vis=10.1, L. Camargo da Silva (CLUB, Brazil)
16.31250, vis=10.2, A. Amorim (AAX, Brazil)
16.40465, V=9.813, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
16.40479, V=9.988, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
16.40509, B=10.949, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
16.40532, B=10.961, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
16.72662, V=10.080, R. Weir (WRCA, United States)
16.80694, vis=10.4, A. Pearce (PEX, United States)
16.81687, V=10.086, M. Heald (HMH, United States)
16.81833, B=10.864, M. Heald (HMH, United States)
16.81979, I=8.241, M. Heald (HMH, United States)
17.40549, V=10.152, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
17.40562, V=10.116, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
17.40592, B=11.123, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
17.40615, B=11.141, J. Hambsch (HMB, Belgium)
17.66066, V=10.184, R. Weir (WRCA, United States)
17.78983, V=10.331, R. Weir (WRCA, United States)
Submit observations: Please submit observations to the AAVSO International Database using the name NOVA SCO 2015. Once a GCVS name has been assigned, please use that name.
Congratulations to Tadashi Kojima on his discovery!
This AAVSO Alert Notice was prepared by M. Templeton.
Reference: E-mail: Alert Notice 508: Nova Scorpii 2015 == PNV J17032620-3504140. in: Tue Feb 17, 2015 - 21:27:22

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